The Willpower Instinct


Sleep intervention — sleep more

mindfulness meditation + Physical exercise

Goal: Make willpower system (prefrontal cortex) bigger and better connected

Low glycemic plant based diet is ideal

Feeling guilty actually drains willpower so instead…self-compassion message

  1. Mindfulness of what you are thinking and feeling

  2. Common humanity—everyone makes mistakes

  3. Encouragement over criticism

    learning how to talk to yourself as a good person, encouraging, and being nice

Power of self continuity: Keep of your future self as a dear friend

-get to know your future self

	-write a letter as your future self to your present self


Know how to predict your failure — then you will succeed more easily

!!!!!!Tracking your success is actually BAD!!!!!

Using Pessimism

-Believe failure can happen, optimism about

getting result is bad

-keep projections pessimistic

-Don’t set super high ideals and get annoyed with setbacks

Willpower Challenge

-torture challenge

—surfing the urge

—any craving and any emotion will eventually pass if you ride it out

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